Fair is Fair: Why Massachusetts needs to redraw it’s Congressional Map

I was born in this state. I’ve lived my entire 50+ years as a resident of this state. I’ve registered to vote as either unenrolled or independent during that time which I was eligible. My parents instilled in me the idea of honesty and fairness in everything I do.

One of the many things I hear when conversations turn to politics is how unfairly gerrymandered the congressional maps are of states that lean or are thoroughly Republican. Wisconsin, Maryland, North Carolina, Ohio and Pennsylvania have all been sued for their obvious partisan gerrymandering. That said, there’s this:

Massachusetts Congressional Districts

I get that living in a state that is called “progressive”, “highly educated”, and “liberal” that we might overlook such a map as simply political and not partisan. This may actually be true, however when I look at it I see a map drawn to achieve something other than fairness for the voter. I see a map drawn to segregate people into something that isn’t about fairness or honesty. I don’t know why it was drawn this way. I don’t know why anyone would divide the population of Massachusetts into such a mess unless someone simply spilled coffee during the discussion and everyone agreed that was it.

Given my strong desire for my government to provide equity to all of the voters of Massachusetts and my thorough distrust of the map shown above, I believe it’s time the legislature redress the inequity in the current district map and redraw it in such a way that demonstrates to the rest of the country how a map should be drawn. They need to draw a map that looks like it was drawn based upon population and geography and not one that shows inequities on it’s face. It needs to look like a proper, honest attempt at dividing the population into simple voting groups rather than the complex, gerrymandered mish-mash that it is today.

Step up, Massachusetts; you’re living in a glass house.